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Elderly Panic Button: Keeping seniors confident

Why An Elderly Panic Button Is Useful

Family members often worry about their senior members receiving enough care and support that ensures the safety and overall wellbeing of their loved ones, especially when said seniors aren’t living in the same area as they are.

The modern-day solution to a problem like this is by investing in a panic button that your elderly family members can trigger when they suffer from a fall or are in need of emergency care.

These medical bracelets or necklaces serve as an emergency call button for seniors that contain your unique medical information such as allergies, conditions, and medications that are then sent over to first responders the moment you press the button.

But aside from the elderly, you may be wondering, who else could benefit from the aid of a medical alert device?

This device is perfect for people who are unable to articulate their medical information or people who have intellectual disabilities that can hinder the relay of the necessary information to ensure they get the help they require.

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Additionally, The call button for elderly is a device that helps the elderly to contact for help in an emergency. It is a small device that can be worn on the wrist or set on a table. When the person feels unsafe or needs help, they can press the button and it will send out an alert to their family members and care providers.

Belle Medical Alert Device

The SOS button should always be worn unless you or your loved ones are provided with different instructions by your healthcare advisor. This is one of the reasons why devices like these are more often than not waterproof and have fewer chances of breaking.

Medical necklaces or bracelets are easy to come by and if you’re still stumped as to how and where you can get them then here’s a small overview of what you need to do to get your hands on a medical panic button that’s customized to fit your loved ones or your own needs.

Finding the right people to talk to at 911 button necklace

Normally, by talking to your local hospital you may be provided with a free medical alert bracelet so picking up the phone and giving them a call could be beneficial, especially if you’re on a budget. If the hospital in your area doesn’t offer that service then you can ask for a referral to a local foundation or agency that does provide emergency call buttons for seniors or call 911 emergency button. If you’re a veteran who’s looking to get this medical device, make sure to check in with your local veteran’s hospital or any agencies in your area that cater to veterans. Having an open conversation with your family doctor about this as well will give them the opportunity to provide you with tips on how you can get a hold of a medical alert button.

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So, in case you can’t contact anyone from the hospital, you can use the 911 emergency button for other options. As you know, A 911 emergency button is a device that you can install in your home or office to call for emergency services. It’s a good idea to have one of these devices installed in your home or office, especially if you live alone or work late at night.

The first 911 call was made on February 16, 1968 by the mayor of New York City, John Lindsay. The call was made from a pay phone at a Howard Johnson hotel across the street from New York City’s then-new World Trade Center and was placed after an arsonist set fire to the building. The operator answered on the second ring and asked what service he needed. He responded “police,” and she connected him with NYPD’s radio dispatcher for Brooklyn’s 84th precinct.

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Asking your insurance provider using elderly emergency button necklace

Your medical insurance provider is able to cover certain needs such as equipment, supplies, or any other medical necessities that you may require. Depending on the plan or agreement that you have with them it’s always a good idea to get in touch with them to figure out if they can assist you in procuring a medical alert button.

To receive the proper assistance you may need to have your doctor fill out a form that verifies your claim or a prescription for a medical alert bracelet or necklace made or bought for you.

Medicaid or Medicare benefits

You’ll find that Medicare is able to provide you with a few reimbursements when it comes to medical equipment so it’s a high chance that they may be able able to cover for you when you get a medical SOS button if it’s part of your plan. All you need to do is to check with your provider since sometimes Medicaid will pay for a service or device if Medicare doesn’t.

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Agency or Foundation assistance

In every state you’ll find one or two organizations that are solely devoted to helping seniors find the means and resources they need to stay physically and mentally fit. Calling up your local branch may open up possibilities of finding a grant or a program that can assist in you getting your emergency alert button device for free.

There are also some foundations that can provide support and financial aid for those who suffer from various medical conditions. So if you have the chance to contact any of these organizations you’ll hopefully be able to save a buck or two.

At this point, you may catch yourself wondering, “Are emergency call buttons for seniors and people with disabilities really worth the price they’re for?” Yes. Since the year 1994, countless people have benefited from wearing a medical alert device, after all, a fall no matter how big can be devastating to an elderly family member or a person you know or love.

That’s why devices like these exist and that’s to make sure that the users of our devices are able to receive the kind of care they need as soon as possible. The concerns about home safety should be one of the top priorities for seniors to ensure that they continue to live in an environment that isn’t detrimental to their health.

A medical alert system can help provide faster treatment that could mean the difference between someone making a long-term disability or a full recovery.

Get in touch with the right panic button provider

Still, having a tough time figuring out where you can get your own reliable medical alert device at a cost affordable rate or plan? Well, have no fear because here at Liferun Belle we have the resources to get you customized medical senior alert systems that are functional and easy to bring along no matter where you go. You can receive up to four months of free service if you purchase an annual plan with us today. But what makes this deal even sweeter? Absolutely no contracts.

Our device is easy to use and will enable you or the senior you care for the ability to move around and go about their daily routine without fear of being unable to call for help should they need it. No matter where you go, dangers could lurk in every corner but with Liferun there’s less of a risk as it ensures that you always stay connected with your family to inform them about your state of well-being. Contact us today to get your hands on a reliable system that can keep you and your loved ones safe.