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What is a medical alert questions and who should wear it?

Liferun Medical Alert’s Belle is a small cellular pendant that allows the user to get help at the touch of a button. Speak directly into the two way Belle to communicate exactly what is needed. Or just press the button, and the Liferun specialist is able to pinpoint the user’s location anywhere in the US and send the appropriate help.

How Much does Belle Medical Costs?

When you press the button your Liferun Belle immediately sends a cellular signal to our monitoring center. Our specialist will greet you and ask if you are in need of assistance. You speak directly into the button to advise whatever you might need. The specialist will dispatch help, and stay on the line with you until you receive it. The specialist is able to send help even if you can’t speak. Belle will let them know your location. We can also contact your family to keep them informed.

The Belle device runs on a long life rechargeable battery that will last for 30 days on a single 3 hour charge. If you forget to charge it monthly, we will call to remind you. It will work in your home, even in the shower, and any place else that you may travel in the US.

What if I accidentally press the emergency button?

If you press your button by mistake, speak with the operator to let them know you are OK… or just say you are testing!

Who should be using a medical alert system?

Liferun Medical Alert can provide the Belle cellular device for as low as $32.95 per month with our annual plan. We have no other fees, and guarantee the price will never increase for the lifetime that our customer uses it. Other plans are also available to accommodate the needs of our customers, some as low as $19.95 per month.

Does medicare cover medical alert systems?

Medicare does not usually cover Medical Alert devices. Some state or private long term care insurances might. Liferun is happy to provide customer medical device payment receipts for insurance reimbursement.

What happens if the system or pendant breaks?

Liferun equipment is lent to you while you use our service, so with reasonable usage we will replace whatever you need to keep you safe.

Are medical alert bracelets worth it?

What is your life worth? Liferun Medical Alert is a very small monthly fee compared to the cost of many other options. Having a Liferun Belle allows you to age safely in place at home, feel confident when you go out and about, and creates peace of mind for you and your family.

How soon can I get my medical alert device?

Liferun ships our Belle unit within 3 days of your order completion. If needed sooner we can expedite the shipping service.

How often should I test my system?

We recommend that our Liferun Belle unit gets tested at least once a month. This allows the user to get used to how it works and to give the unit a bit of exercise for its rechargeable batteries. We welcome all tests at any time into our monitoring center. The unit itself will test in quietly each day to report battery level and to get any updates.