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TOP 5 Medical Alert Necklace for Seniors


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Seniors face a higher risk of injury as they grow older because of their declining health. As you age you must plan a way out to have a safe and healthy lifestyle without depending on others. Heart diseases, burns, hip dislocation, ankle sprains, back pain, minor to extreme injuries due to falls and head traumas are all very common in elderly people. Thus, providing timely medical attention to prevent extreme consequences should be at the top of your checklist.

Medical alert systems are devices that help the individual in sending a message to the medical station during an emergency. And the health experts can assist you as soon as possible. These life-saving tools can be used in the form of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or belts. Medical alert necklaces are one of these smart tools for the elderly. It is proven to be highly beneficial for all those independent elders living alone.

What are the Top 5 Medical Alert Necklaces For Seniors?

Medical alert necklaces carry a small pendant with an emergency button that is worn by the individual/you(if your considered elderly) . These emergency alert devices are easy to carry and are directly connected to a live operator at the medical care center 24/7. On receiving a notification, the operator evaluates the condition of the individual and ensures a quick medical response from a medical expert. Let’s take a look at the top 5 medical alert necklaces:

1. Liferun

Life Run is one of the front-line medical alert systems. It brings you the most versatile medical alert necklace with simple installation, reliable support, and an easy-to-use design. It offers friendly customer service and affordable plans for you to lead your life safely and independently.

It is highly convenient for aging fellows because of its premium features. Life Run’s On the Go System and 30-day battery life enable you to go anywhere freely and confidently. This emergency alert necklace is waterproof and supplies constant functionality. You can also connect it to your phone line. It is lovely to wear this emergency button because of its elegant and comfortable design offering you safety 24/7.

2. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is one of the best medical alert systems. It is highly convenient for aging fellows because of its premium features. Medical Guardian comes in multiple forms like watches, bracelets, and emergency alert necklaces. All forms of the Medical Guardians are monitored 24/7 at medical centers by emergency-trained staff. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Medical Guardian helps the elderly in fall detection and offers GPS monitoring for all those seniors who are constantly traveling or even home-based.

Medical Guardian is vastly demanded as it provides fast treatment, has an easy activation process, and includes packages according to customer’s choice. Moreover, Medical Guardian is easily affordable. It saves your personal information in a file and quickly forwards it to the operator in an emergency case. This gadget is so technologically advanced that it detects a fall and sends an emergency response team for help in no time.

3. Medical Alert

Medical Alert is another example of a leading elderly alert necklace. It provides steady service and assures safety. This elderly alert necklace is peculiar because of its elegant design with the shiny stainless surface due to which it is not only considered an emergency button but also a cool accessory. It is conveniently wearable and provides 24/7 support and response.

Medical Alert is cheap and easily accessible, it comes with a free lockbox and marked safety instructions. This device has a long-term battery with updated GPS technology. Medical Alert uses motion-sensing technology to detect a fall. It functions by sensing any sudden change in a vertical or horizontal posture. It automatically set off a call for help whether you are able to press the emergency button or not. It ensures you a stress-free and independent life by providing you with constant support. Luckily, from time to time they offer special deals like free shipping or free service for a month. So get yours now.

4. Mobile Help

Mobile Help also comes under the category of top medical alert systems. It is mostly for seniors on the go. You can carry it by wearing it like a necklace. It can be easily operated by just pressing the emergency button present on the necklace. Customers are offered to buy fall detection with it so in case a senior is not able to press the button, help still arrives at his location. Mobile Help keeps an eye on its user everywhere through the latest GPS technology

that easily detects location. Vital features of this elderly alert necklace are its free lockbox, low cost, and no requirement of long contacts. It can be used anywhere, inside or outside your home.

5. Life Station

In this modern era, Life Station is considered one of the most progressive and up-to-date senior alert systems. Life Station is admired because of its exceptional traits as it gives you an extremely fast response without any delay. It is merged with a smart device and also guarantees money compensation within 30 days if the consumer is not satisfied with the product.

This elderly alert necklace helps you spot the current location of your loved ones using modern GPS technology. You can link Life Station with your smart gadget which helps you to sync up and contact your dear ones in difficult situations. This elderly alert necklace is also capable of detecting a fall, and also gives an alarm sound in case the battery is running low.


Aging often leads you to occasional illness and makes you deal with multiple medical issues at a time. Ensuring your loved ones safety by choosing an emergency alert necklace is a must and it let’s you be at peace even in your absence. These emergency alert necklaces help in saving and leading independent lives. These wireless emergency button alarms can be worn anywhere comfortably and are quite affordable. Medical Guardian is a first-rate emergency alert necklace because of its high quality, quick response, and customized packages while others have their own vital features for you. All of them offer timely medical aid which assures the safety of seniors.