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The Advantages of Using a Medical Alert Necklace

 Mobile medical alert systems are a life-saving tool that is used to assist seniors in life-threatening scenarios or if they find themselves in vulnerable situations such as an accidental fall, illness, stroke or heart attack. Using a mobile medical alert system will more than likely save your life. In 2010, heart disease was considered to be the number one killer of seniors over the age of 65. If a heart attack or stroke is detected early, the chances of a full recovery are more likely and the survival rates are greatly improved. When a person reaches their late 60s and early 70s, accidental falls become a common health issue. There are more than 2 million seniors who suffer falls annually, which nearly 700,000 of those require hospitalization. Seniors need to be able to contact medical assistance when it’s needed most.

Providing Immediate Assistance for Senior necklace


A panic button for elderly people is designed to immediately call for medical assistance as soon as you press the medical alert button. Technology such as medical alert systems with GPS simplifies life and provides loved ones peace of mind, which allows them to live more independent lives. A life alert necklace is often a better option than placing a loved one in a nursing home or senior living facility, which provides the security and medical assistance whenever it’s needed, therefore reducing the need for in-home care.

24-Hour Monitoring

Mobile medical alert systems are like a panic button for elderly people. Equipped with a GPS and provides 24-hour monitoring. Seniors are not the only people who benefit from using medical alert systems with GPS or life alert necklace. If a person is bedridden, mentally disabled, or suffering from a spinal injury, medical alert buttons provide emergency medical care if needed. Medical alert buttons have been in use for decades and have more than likely saved thousands of lives.

There are now medical alert systems with GPS, which will provide EMS and first responders with a precise location as soon as the medical alert buttons are pressed. When deciding on which medical alert buttons to use, Call Belle. The Belle system medical alert button is considered to be one of the best mobile medical alert systems on the market. Belle System Medical Alert is a life alert necklace, which allows seniors to live independent lives and is equipped with a code red medical alert button, which will immediately summon medical assistance.

Convenience & Simplicity for alert button for the elderly

The Belle emergency alert button is extremely easy to use and can be worn around the neck, which means if a senior is incapacitated or if a phone is out of reach, all they have to do is simply press the code red mobile alert button. The Belle emergency alert system automatically replays a message to our monitoring center, which immediately alerts our specialists, who will then quickly contact their loved ones and/or emergency services.

Extended Battery Life & Easy to Charge

Belle Medical Alert System is the ultimate panic button for the elderly people, which is low-maintenance and is equipped with 30-day battery life. Seniors can also easily monitor the battery status, which provides a real-time update and sends them and will alert their loved ones when the battery needs to be recharged. The Belle medical alert will also continuously call their loved one or emergency contact to alert them that the pendant needs to be recharged. The Belle emergency alert comes with a charging dock, which allows it to be easily recharged.

Can Be Use Anywhere With 4G Coverage or Wi-Fi Services

Unlike most code red mobile alert systems, Belle Medical Alert can be used anywhere as long as you have cellular coverage or access to Wi-Fi services. This allows customers the ability to use the device to get help running errands or traveling and is equipped with a speaker and microphone. Belle system medical alert is considered to the best panic button for elderly people, which is designed to enable nearby hotspots, therefore providing a more precise location both indoors and outdoors.

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