Senior Alert 101: Sad Facts About Falls


Sad Facts About Falls

Senior Alert 101: Sad Facts About Falls

Falls have affected senior lives over the past years – hindering them from having peace of mind and independence they deserved in their own homes.


There exist millions of fall-related incidents and injuries suffered by seniors all around the world. Whether we like it or not, encountering falls and slips are inevitable – they can happen anytime, anywhere even inside the walls of our own homes.

Falls often occur in seniors who age around 65 in which about one-third of the population falls each year. Falls can take place two to three times or more, increasing the risks of getting possible injuries. The sad about this is that it is one of the major causes of deaths of seniors and severe fractures of the elderly.

Sad fact: the risk of fall increases as a person ages. There are over hundreds and thousands of falls encountered by seniors recorded in hospitals and medical centers, however, there are still many incidents of fall and slip unreported and unrecognized by family members and caregivers.

Not all falls result in an injury, but there are possibilities for the condition to worsen when the senior couldn’t get up due to the absence of assistance. If a senior couldn’t get up after a fall, the period of time of immobility affects their health and body – which can be a bad way around. There is a big percentage of recovering fast from a fall incident when the senior was able to get the assistance that she needs – as early as possible.

Getting help or assistance after a fall helps improve the chance of survival by up to 80% and the possibility to return to independent living. With a medical alert system on hand, one could get the help that she needs right away with just a press on the button. And Liferun Medical Alert System makes sure that whenever falls may be encountered, seniors and patients can still survive the difficulty, mitigate the risk, and be assisted right away – because your peace of mind is all that matters to us. Call us today!

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