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Liferun Belle ON THE GO SystemImagine facing a medical emergency while you’re alone. Scary, isn’t it? In such situations, medical alert systems can be a life savior for you. It becomes a blessing for elderly people during different life-threatening situations.

This instant support emergency button keeps seniors safe and healthy by sending immediate help through its highly-trained customer service. It ensures independence and peace of mind to the elderly by offering services just a click away.

These are some five main things that you must consider while researching for medical alert systems.

Efficient Customer Service

Customer services and support play the biggest role when it comes to selecting the right product. It is an important thing to consider who will reply to the call when you push the emergency button.

The call center medical alert system should be situated near you to ensure timely assistance. Also, your language should be given preference for proper communication.

Rapid response to falls and other medical emergencies is vital to prevent serious complications. Emergency alert systems for seniors should have efficient at-home and GPS-enabled options that allow you to stay safe anywhere. In case of emergency, you can immediately speak to a skilled emergency medical officer by a 2-way voice communication device. Efficient customer service is another thing that makes a seniors’ alert system stand apart.

Automatic Fall Detection

Modern medical alert systems have modern features which make these tools easier and more convenient to use. With modern technology and multiple sensors, these life-saving devices are now more user-friendly and effective. Some emergency buttons consist of automatic fall detection systems with 24-hour technical support.

Fall detection is very helpful in case when you are unable to press the panic button. The fall detection sensor senses a fall in an instance and in response, the company representatives of the medical alert system try to contact you as soon as possible.

If you or your loved one is at risk of fall, having any of the seniors alert systems with fall detection is a must. It ensures safety, timely help, and independence for the user


Senior alert systems vary in cost depending on the features they offer. The price of the emergency button varies depending on the initial setup installation cost, the cost of the product, and the type of services you opt for like monthly, weekly, or for a lifetime. Most companies that offer medical alert systems out there provide services on a monthly subscription at reasonable rates.

Before selecting a medical alert system, make sure you carefully read the contract policies of the provider. An in-home alert system may cost you around $19.95 per month whereas a cellular alert system costs you around $34.95 per month.

Compatibility and Reliability

Compatibility and availability are important factors to consider while selecting a medical alert device. It is important to know whether the system is compatible with your home and will work properly at your place or not. Most of the companies offer services with a standard landline connection or any type of TV, phone, or internet cable service. You can select according to what suits you the best.

Seniors’ alert systems need to be very easy to use. They should carry a simple design and should be easily operatable. Easy set-up and a one-push emergency button ensure a user-friendly experience for the user. It should not be complicated at all and anyone should be able to use it. Also, it should be easy to carry like in the form of a necklace or bracelet.

Moreover, the reliability of the emergency button is essential. Devices with extended warranties and backup power systems help you stay safe anywhere anytime. A reliable device will ensure your safety and health without any exception.

Home-based or Mobile-based

Before selecting a medical alert system, you must consider whether the device provides just home-based services or it can provide you assistance outside of your place as well. You need to be focused on the main purpose of purchasing the emergency button avoiding any useless product that can’t be used later.

Home-based medical alerts have a shorter working range and are suitable for the person who most of the time is at home and avoid outside visits. However, mobile-based medical alert devices have multiple functions in them. These systems consist of a GPS tracker for tracking the patient when outside the home. Some of them even have a car charging facility which makes them ready to use every time. While using mobile-based medical tools, be aware of the battery life all the time and get them charged consistently.

Also, these mobile-based devices are compatible with many branded smartwatches. The smartwatch senses a fall and sends you a message asking whether you fell or not and you reply according to your situation. If you do not respond after a minute of notice, the watch will automatically reach out for help by alerting the operators at the call center. Hence, these mobile-based alert tools are easy-to-use and are best suitable for the elderly at your place who prefer to go out for a jog and do their daily activities.


An emergency alert system for seniors is not an all-in-one option, but one of the best options to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the elderly. The emergency button offers exceptional benefits to many seniors who would like to feel safe while living independently. All seniors should be equipped with these medical alert devices allowing them to age healthy.

While choosing the right seniors’ alert system, make sure to consider all the mentioned parameters so you could benefit from these devices well. A medical alert tool with rapid assistance, affordable cost, easy-to-use design, and reliability can change your life. So choose wisely.