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Senior Exercise & Leisure

There is no doubt that, just like any 20 year old, seniors need a regular dose of activity and fun to keep their lives full with health and confidence. With a culture that encourages slowing down as you age, exercise for seniors in America cannot be emphasized enough. 

It is a proven fact that as humans, to keep your happiness and energy levels up in life, even in your passing years, socializing and engaging in exercise is a must. Exercise, for seniors, is something that seems to be generally disregarded, especially in the age of technology. 

If you think that seniors can no longer engage to such things due to a lot of problems and complications, you are wrong! There is an unlimited list of things that can be fun and healthy for seniors to engage in.

Active seniors know that it is important to keep up with hobbies and activities to stimulate their mind, body, and spirit. Recreational activities are not just exclusive for teenagers and adults, but can also be engaging to seniors.

Senior Exercise Leisure

Exercise for seniors is far from the classic idea of buckets full of sweat. These recommended exercises are all easy to engage in, even on a day-to-day basis.


Brisk walking

A simple walk around your neighborhood, in a nearby park, or along the beach can be the healthiest and safest way of exercise. This also brings a refreshing start to the day, and engages your muscles and joints in a light, forgiving way. Walking around also lets you enjoy natural scenery, which can be soothing to your senses.


Biking can be a lot of fun. It is also one of the most effective ways to exercise your leg muscles,and a nice way to enjoy the passing scenery. Biking is low-cost activity, and it is such a stress-relieving pastime for seniors. It is a form of senior exercise that can help improve muscle tone and help build stamina.


Water is considered the best in providing beneficial and rigorous exercise for seniors. Swimming can help increase blood circulation. This exercise is highly recommended for seniors who struggle from arthritis since it causes no pressure on joints.


Fishing along quiet and peaceful river banks is a great pastime and a light engagement for seniors. Fishing can be a healthy outdoor activity that can provide vitamin D by being out in the sun. Plus, fish is an easily digested source of lean protein, and at such little cost!


Hiking is one of the healthiest activities for seniors. It works out muscles and strengthens bones. Hiking is known to improve circulation and cardiovascular health. However, seniors should take the proper precautions when hiking to avoid problems like dehydration.



Dancing can be at the top of the list of healthy and engaging activities. It is a form of exercise, but is far more fun than demanding. This moderate, weight bearing, low-impact activity brings joy and laughter, especially to seniors. But aside from the healthy and fun interaction, dancing can also help strengthen bones and muscles, reduce stress and tension, tone the entire body, build confidence, and above all, it helps seniors fight and prevent illnesses like heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Even Romualdo Belardinelli, M.D. claimed that dancing is a new choice of exercise for seniors with heart failures.


Painting is a peaceful and fun pastime, a creative and cognitive activity, and a relaxing and therapeutic hobby. Research has shown that painting helps assist mobility, causes intellectual stimulation, offers emotional stability, and encourages concentration. Seniors, even at their twilight years, can still create masterpieces.


As for seniors, writing can be a perfect fit for improving one’s cognitive ability, memory, and creativity. Writing can bring a lot of healthy benefits for the well-being of a person. It doesn’t take much effort and movement; just a manner of putting a pen to paper and exploring ideas. Writing can help improve communication skills, and provide an outlet for stress and emotions.

Regular exercises and being active in recreational activities are crucial to leading a life of overall wellness. There is no specific age for exercising or for any physical and mental activities. Regular exercise helps protect us from chronic disease, lowers chances of injury, and improves mood.

Seniors engaging to such activities tend to have longer and fuller lives, and firmer immunity than those who are not active. These activities not just benefit seniors physical condition but enable them to generate positive feelings and memories – easing stress and depression – regardless of mental and physical condition.

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