Building Confidence in Seniors

Building Confidence in Seniors

Building Confidence in Seniors

Growing older can prove to be very scary and can tear down one’s self-worth or self-esteem. There are many life changes that can occur and many more risks that may have to be endured or considered.

There are many physical changes as well such as graying hair and aging skin. The reality of aging can be tough for many people.

As mentioned, many seniors may struggle with self-esteem concerns due to the many changes that are occurring. If they were once very active for instance, they may become self-conscious when they are not able to do as much as they use to do. If they once cared deeply about appearance, they may be sad when skin starts to age.

Other ways that seniors could become self-conscious is if they are diagnosed with a health concern. There are methods, no matter the cause, however, to improve a senior’s self-esteem.

These tips below are proven to build a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem:

Adopt a Pet

Having an animal to care about can bring great self-esteem to you as a senior. You can know that there is something that depends on you that will force you to be your best self. If this is not possible due to an illness or other reason, volunteer at a local shelter.

Having a pet or spending time with animals can give you activities that keep you at your best. Pets and animals are known as being natural stress relievers, so you will feel naturally more relaxed and calm around them. Build your selfesteem by feeling like you still have some purpose in life.

Building Confidence in Seniors

Share Your Skills

As a senior, you offer significant valuable wisdom. You can offer that wisdom to younger individuals. Share your skill set with others, and allow them to follow under your wing to become the best at a certain skill or task.

Through the mentoring ideations aforementioned, you will receive a purpose in life. Mentor a person in a career or in a hobby. Be sure whatever you mentor in, that you find fulfillment in the task or skill. Find your self-esteem by remembering how good you were at a certain task or skill.

Find a Class

Though you may be excellent in one skill or task, most are not experts in everything. There is always something new to learn. Sign up for a class in which you can learn new information that may boost your self-esteem.

Try something you never had tried before to find a new purpose or activity to engage in. Allow yourself to show off these skills to others to renew a sense of pride in yourself. Find a class that you believe that you will enjoy and benefit from.

Change Your Look

As mentioned, many seniors have self-esteem concerns due to the physical changes that occur in their bodies. With that in mind, treat yourself by getting a makeover. Be sure to not go too off of your natural look in order to ensure the best results and keep yourself as beautiful as possible.

A change in your look can be as simple as getting a haircut that better suits your face. You could also make sure to take personal hygiene seriously in order to appear your best, such as utilizing skin creams. Having physical changes could boost self-esteem for you if you struggle with your physical appearance.

Engage in Competition

Many seniors used to be athletes or use to compete in other ways such as writing contests or craft contests. When growing older, seniors miss the competition side of things. They feel as if they have no purpose and as if they will never compete again. But it’s never too late to be active, and you’re never too old to engaging in healthy competition!

You can find competitions that will suit your abilities. Make sure that the competition allows you to engage in something you enjoy such as writing contest, a gardening contest or even a golf contest if you enjoyed sports. Having the winning spirit once again can truly assist you in gaining self-esteem.

Share Your Story

Chances are, even if you do not think so, if you have reached older adulthood, you have lived a good life. You have many stories to share that are emotional, hilarious and timeless. It is important to pass down these stories so others can learn from them and can remember you.

When sharing your story with others, you can truly understand the impact your life has had on others. You will feel more confident and your self-esteem will grow through this. Ask questions about what others want to know, and share what you are comfortable with sharing to the world.

Feel Safe

When growing older there are increased risks for falls and illnesses. With that in mind, many seniors lose self-confidence due to not knowing how safe they are. In order to ensure your safety you could invest in a medical alert button or a help button.

These medical alert systems allow you to get in contact with emergency personnel who are able to help you in case of emergency. The Belle medical alert device offered by LifeRun can give you the freedom you need to feel the most safe when engaging in any activity, anywhere you are. Invest in one of these buttons to best help you live your best life, or enroll in a chance to win a Belle medical alert button for one year!

There are many ways to help seniors build their self-esteem. Just because you are growing older does not mean you have to give up all of the activities you once enjoyed. You can still enjoy competitions, learning new information and makeovers. To continue your influence, be sure to share your story and your skillset with the younger generation.

These methods are sure to boost your self-esteem. No matter what though, make sure you have a safety plan in place as there are increased risks with becoming a senior citizen. Invest in a medical alert button or help button by Liferun to feel safer today.

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