Aging: The Ugly Truth About Getting Old



Aging: The Ugly Truth About Getting Old

The ugly truth we always face upon aging is inevitable but proper lifestyle mitigates all complications.


As a normal cycle of life, we humans do really reach our passing years – means that our body itself may not be able to remain to what usually it is and our immunity may start to decline.

Aside from the physical and mental changes that we do have and we will have in these later years, some “unwanted” and unprevented changes will do occur like wrinkled skin, fading eyesight, hair loss (mostly in men), hearing failure, gray hair, cataract formation, and even worst, memory loss!

Those are the reverse reactions to our cells that are slowly functioning due to damage in the molecules, causing our tissues and organs to deteriorate that eventually leads to health declination. However, all these are considered normal in scientific basis and statistics about body reactions to the human lifestyle.

Like all things in the world, we, humans and our body parts start to wear out and eventually, our health will decline and we will lose the ability to function.

As humans get older, our cells also do…

As we age, our cells become less capable to divide and multiply. As the aging process continues, waste products start to build up in our tissues. Thus, tissues seem to have more trouble in getting nutrients and oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes.

There are a lot of changes that do occur inside and outside our bodies as we age. Both our cells and tissues change as well as our organs – since our organs are made out of tissues which are also made out of millions and billions of cells. Our aging organs also start to slowly lose function.

Most body organs that do a lot of reserve function are the heart, kidneys, and lungs. As we age, we gradually lose a percentage of our body organs’ reserve which may push them to work harder than usual still, it cannot increase function. Due to this, a lot of problems can arise like heart failure, stroke, high blood, and any sickness in equal response to aging.

The loss of reserve makes it harder for us to restore balance in our body, which is, probably the main reason why most seniors or those who go near to their senior years already take medications and medical maintenance upon their declining health.

The common problems of reaching senior years like weakened immunity, heart failures, and strokes are just a few of the things we would nearly encounter. We might not just suffer the physical changes, but also both mental and social condition.

Is there still any chance to live life fully despite these ugly truths? There is something to count on!

Seniors somehow, maybe not in general, but some do feel less confident about themselves upon living with their condition. Upon these twilight years, seniors become much prone to sudden accidents like falls and slips – which can also bring fatal outcomes.

They already need a lot of assistance, for sure, which may be the firmest reason why they’ve got the hindrance to living life independently and confidently.

Fortunately, due to technical advancements in health and care, there goes a lot of ways on how to preserve life the way you’ve always wanted. One of the trending techniques now that comes on the top of the list is the medical alert systems.

How does this work?

Medical alert system is something the seniors can count on especially to the health complications they face in their later years. These medical systems are primarily used to signal alarm taken into the place of the senior, who currently encounter sudden emergencies like fall or slip. They have this pendant device that is wearable around the neck or around the wrist which they can immediately press to signal help in the time the emergency is activated.

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So What now?

It is highly important to take safety precautions and proper care as well as diligence as we age. But considering that there could also be some effective ways on how to make life much easier and lighter despite these normal complications we will face. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and a well-trusted medical alert partner upon your choice could be the best things you can rely on upon living the life you’ve always wanted. Enjoy life!

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