It has been a common norm and assumption among seniors to find themselves to be relocated to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

We respond to common problems encountered by seniors.

Elder abuse is as type of serious and risky harm encountered by few vulnerable seniors. It is defined as a failure to give and satisfy the elder's basic needs as well as to protect them from harm by the person who are in charge in a trust relationship to the elder (e.g. caregivers).

“Seniors should have the full sense of safety at home for peace of mind even if they are living alone.”

LifeRun medical alert system ensures that seniors are kept safe and protected against elder abuse. Senior citizens can assure that help and protection are always at hand with just a simple push of a button on their liferun medical devices.

Reviews have shown that elders experiencing abuse, even modest ones, had the 300% higher risk of death compared to those who hadn't experienced such cases.

As a response and remedy to these arising problems, LifeRun Medical Alert Services offers 24 hour protection and safety to those who may be at risk of facing and suffering harm in an event of slip and fall, or even worse, elder abuse.

Whether you have retired and settled down in an assisted living facility or simply living alone in your home, you cannot measure when a sudden emergency might take place, it is important to have a trusted medical alert system at all times.

LifeRun: For the Secure Protection of Seniors at Home

LifeRun medical alert devices can be worn as a pendant around the neck and around the wrist, and offers peace of mind in an emergency with just a simple push of a button. That is how we proudly make ourselves as a lifeline to seniors who always aim for independence and freedom - it's the freedom that they deserve.

During an emergency, our medical devices allow you to communicate directly with our 24/7 monitoring UL accredited emergency center and our fast agents will take the appropriate actions for your emergency. What it all takes for you to gain the secure level of protection is done in right at the tip of your fingers - just simply push and speak through your help button.

We monitor you safety full 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We take no possible errors and lapses upon serving you and securing your protection. LifeRun believes that every senior should gain the dignity they deserve through offering them independence in their own homes rather than being moved and relocated into an assisted living facility.

LifeRun is the best companion for senior protection at home and the top alternative in saving lives with just a push of a button.
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