Why Choose LifeRun Over Other Medical Alert Systems

Why Choose LifeRun Over Other Medical Alert Systems

Bringing the true sense of safety and peace of mind: that is why LifeRun Medical Alert Systems comes along the way.

To mention a few, there comes in the list as one of the most common like LifeAlert and so many others. But here we present why LifeRun can turn out to be your best partner in realizing the way towards a happy independence and true peace of mind.

Why Choose LifeRun Over Other Medical Alert SystemsBecause we believe that life not only becomes lighter with mere protection but also with convenience. With LifeRun, you can enjoy these following conveniences you would hardly find in anything else:


Reaching a phone is not much help in an emergency, LifeRun’s device lets you to just simply talk through the button on a pendant that you always wear. Help will be delivered to you shortly. Safety and convenience come even during an emergency by simply pressing and talking through the button on the pendant.



Unlike any other medical brands that require monthly payment, LifeRun won’t let you pay the service at all per month. You can have it either by quarterly or annual payment. You can choose what plan that suits your lifestyle upon purchase and you’ll be saved from the headache of monthly payments. It’s all up to you!



Don’t be bothered by big ounce of cost paid when it comes to purchasing our medical alert system. Our plans are very affordable so we can suit your preferred budget. Our medical alarm service just costs less than a dollar a month!



We offer free payments in activation and monitoring as well as free shipping and installation. Worry also no more with our zero contract commitment! Thus, you don’t spend a hassle time for arguments by cutting the service off.



We guarantee your total safety and protection by our 24/7 monitoring support that keeps in touch with you any time you need help in an emergency. Someone is there monitoring your safety 24 hours a day and seven days a week with our UL listed monitoring support.



Enjoy life even outside your house! Our wide range of protection assures to bring you rescue even when an emergency is activated outdoors. Simply press the button! Now you can enjoy the comforts of both inside and outside your home and bring out the active side in you.



With your personalized medical assistance plan, you can choose whether to have your loved ones assist you in an emergency or by EMS support. Rescue is right there on its way for you! Now you can talk directly to the medical emergency dispatcher by simply pressing the button on your pendant and talk through it. Someone is right there away tending to your needs.

Are you alone? Or even living in community facility, you may take time to reflect and consider a medical alert system for your protection. Call us now!