Meet Belle: LifeRun’s New Medical Alert Device Innovation

Meet Belle: LifeRun’s New Medical Alert Device Innovation

Meet Belle and learn how she can help preserve your lives and your independence.

Emergency strikes in the least time we expect it – making it hard for us to deal with the situation. This is why it is important to have a device that is easy-to-use and reliable at the same time. The good thing is that LifeRun Medical Alert Systems now introduces its newest medical alert device that is so easy to use along with its built-in speaker to call for help without reaching the phone line, and with integrated Wi-Fi technology and auto-fall detection.

Get Quick Help with LifeRun “Belle” Help Button

Liferun Belle medical alert device

LifeRun Medical Alert Systems provides innovative 3G medical alert pendants that bring help at a press of a button in an event of an emergency 24/7 anywhere as long as there is AT&T coverage. LifeRun helps you and your loved ones connect to emergency care specialists at an UL-accredited emergency monitoring center via built-in two-way voice technology. It also enables WIFI technology that helps locate users and send them first emergency responders or loved ones.





How It Works…

High Quality Speaker – Talking over the device is made easy for seniors with high quality built-in speakers.
Call button – Calling for help or assistance is made easy with just a simple push of a call button.
Battery light – Once fully charged or needed to be charged, the device will signal a small red light.
Call light – A small blue light will notify user that call is being relayed to a specialist as soon as button is pressed.
Microphone – Built-in microphone allows speaking with a specialist or loved one over the pendant in an event of emergency.
Waterproof – Device is fully waterproof which means user can still use it even while in the shower or bath.
Battery backup – Built-in battery back-up makes device last and work for long hours in case of poor outage.

With integrated WIFI location technology, Liferun medical specialists can locate users and send them medical assistance or loved ones in an event of emergency.

Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 30 days per charge for longer peace of mind at home.
*Device comes along with charging cradle for easy recharging.

With this new technology, LifeRun Medical Alert System unlocks independence and offers a lifeline to safety and security for you and your concerned family. We aim to preserve lifestyle without sacrificing one’s safety. We provide the fastest and personalised response system to ensure the best outcome in an emergency.

Why Do You Need A Medical Alert Device?

Because falls and any type of emergencies are unpredictable.
As what have been reported each year, an increasing number of fall incidents had taken place, affecting much of senior lives and their desired independence. Fear of fall incidents has hindered and limited the activity level of seniors, especially when they are alone in the house. The limitation of movements has then resulted in a riskier chance of falling due to reduced balance and physical ability. As a fortunate outcome, seniors tend to grow their anxiety level and depression. And that is where LifeRun comes in to give seniors the confidence and peace of mind they deserved.

The “Belle” Advantage

We see to it that getting help should be easy in times of great need and emergency. That is why we made our devices much simpler, more user-friendly, and handier.

Liferun Medical Alert Systems offers medical alert devices that are uniquely styled to give seniors the access to help whenever they need it. Our medical alert devices come in different forms like pendant, wristband, or a belt clip which can be worn and brought by seniors wherever they are and about in the house.

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