Medical Assistance: Sneak Peek To Life Alert and LifeRun Medical Services

Medical Assistance - Sneak Peek To Life Alert and LifeRun Medical Services

Many medical alert systems are available today, each with a sole purpose of providing care and immediate assistance to seniors.

Life Alert is one of the oldest medical alert companies, but can you consider this a reason to make it as your top choice?

Medical Assistance - Sneak Peek To Life Alert and LifeRun Medical ServicesCommon medical alerts like Life Alert offer high quality service. They do have medical devices in the form of a pendant or a wristband that will automatically connect you to representative that will bring you help – with just a single push of a button.

Howerer, LifeRun stands apart from the crowd with its easy to use, speaking two way pendant.

This allows you to speak directly into the button if you need something. No need to get access to a console box or yell out to be heard from the other end of the house.

The LifeRun operator is right there with you, to get just what you need for your particular situation – providing great security to seniors allowing them to live independently in their homes on their own.

LifeRun professionals readily respond to your call for assistance and help.


  • Uses a Talking Button that can be worn as a pendant, wristband or belt clip
  • No Long term agreement
  • Has 24/7 UL Listed monitoring center
  • Pricing terms are posted online
  • No fess for equipment, delivery or activation
  • A monthly payment as low as of $24.95
  • Guarantee the price will not increase for the lifetime that you use it. Great for those on Fixed incomes.

Beneficial Concerns

LifeRun allows you to be in charge. You decide the type of help you need for any situation, and tell our operators directly into the pendant button. We get the help that suits the issue. No unnecessary, upsetting and sometimes embarrassing EMS dispatches for False alarms.

The Two Way Speaking Pendant makes sure you get just the help you need, no more, and no less.

How Devices Work

Life Alert medical device activates communication with the console that contacts the monitoring center that will contact first emergency responders.

LifeRun, on the other hand, has a new high-tech two-way speaking Pendant that allows the operators to communicate with you anywhere in your home, in the shower and outside in your Yard! No Need to shout to a console plugged in your house.

LifeRun’s help button is also waterproof and has 100% lifetime warranty! LifeRun also has a battery back-up that secures your good service even when your home’s power fails! These are just few of the multiple advantages you can get from LifeRun.

LifeRun greatly values your safety and security! This is our Mission: to keep you safe and confident in your own home.. Go for the best! Go for LifeRun! For more information, visit this website NOW

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