Why Do You Need A Medical Alert System Even In Retirement Homes?

LifeRun Medical Alert System

Accidents are inevitable even in retirement homes, but with a medical alert system on hand and proper hazard protection, we can ensure to help our seniors stay safer and happier.

retirementhomesCaregivers and family members do still face fears and worries when it comes to taking care of seniors even at retirement homes. This comes with great difficulty especially when the senior patients are having a variety of health problems including vision loss, mobility failures, hearing difficulty, etc. These cases often lead to unfortunate accidents among seniors which mostly are the causes of severe injuries.

Weighing the Risks in Retirement Communities

There is an increasing number of seniors who are relocating in retirement communities with the goal to seek out comfort and protection with the care of professional nurses and caregivers. But even surrounded with professional nursing staff, the Government Accountability Office still warns everyone that there can be “considerable risks” at anytime.

Safety is the topmost reason why family members let aging loved ones move in assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, as what have been mentioned, possible hazards can still take place which can be the result of the possible following causes:

  • Poor Ventilation and Improper Lighting

    Poor lighting greatly affects the activities of residents and one of the major causes of falls and accidents that can lead to serious injuries among seniors. Both dim lights and too bright lighting can be dangerous to seniors, making hazards difficult to distinguish by seniors which led them to get hurt or involved in accidents.

  • Lack of Senior Alert System

    Retirement homes and assisted living facilities implement senior alert systems to allow seniors and patients call a nurse for assistance when a sudden emergency occur. The lack of this alert systems sometimes makes it hard for seniors when they encounter sudden emergencies like sudden falls, slips, or seizures. Senior alert system is important for the prevention of falls and to notify loved ones or care-giving staff of the event of emergency.

  • Inappropriate Administration of Medication

    The improper prescription and giving of medicines to seniors can lead to serious problems like dizziness, faint, panic attack, seizure, and even death. The more medications they take, the greater risk they face because of overdose and adverse reaction. Overdosage is highly fatal to seniors’ health and has raised senior hospitalizations up to 67%.

  • Elder Abuse

    Some of the traumatic incidents encountered and suffered by seniors are those they had experienced in retirement homes and residential care facilities. There were actual cases of elder abuses by some nursing staff that took advantage of the vulnerability and immobility of our aging loved ones. It is important for us to take a review of the facility and the agency before we placed our aging loved ones in retirement communities.

Senior Safety In Retirement Homes

As an increasing number of seniors find themselves relocating in living assisted facilities and nursing homes, we ensure that they can still feel safe and protected with our medical alert service.

During an emergency, our medical alert devices allow seniors to communicate directly with our 24/7 monitoring UL accredited emergency center and our fast agents will take the appropriate actions for necessary assistance.

Liferun is the best companion for senior protection at home and retirement homes, and the top alternative in protecting yours and your loved one’s’ health with just a push of a button.

Accidents are inevitable, but with a medical alert system on hand and proper hazard protection, we can ensure to help our elderly loved ones stay safer and happier.

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