Break Away From Fall Worries, Get A Medical Alert System Today

Break Away From Fall Worries Get A Medical Alert System

For our fall risk customers who are hindered from their independence, LifeRun medical alert system ensures bring the best medical attention your deserved.

Break Away From Fall Worries Get A Medical Alert SystemEnsuring your safety is never wrong. We all understand that sudden emergencies will strike and we certainly don’t know when that thing will happen next. But as for our senior loved ones, it is highly important to keep a close watch on their state especially if they have physical difficulties or illness.

One of the best ways that may aid this condition is having a medical alert system – and that is a wise decision.

Medical alert systems can save lives.

“And this is proven by our customer who was one of those fall victims who were rescued by just a push of a button on their medical alert pendant.”

The Customer Story

One of our customers from Illinois, Edith who is 64, is a fall risk senior.

She had been suffering from her arthritis disease which had hindered her independence and gave her difficulties in moving around the house.

This condition also had given her worries of how she could cope with her daily life. This had also made her more prone to falls and slips.

Then, her family decided to opt for LifeRun Medical Alert Systems to ensure her condition and protect her health.

Edith, is an independent senior herself despite her disease, and she keeps an active doing around the house.

But on August 22, she was left alone in the house. Eventually, her arthritis got worse and she fell on her knees due to severe pain.

She hurriedly pressed the button on her medical alert pendant and got immediately connected to one of LifeRun emergency operators.

Our operator could tell she was in great need and that help should arrive to her in no time.

He contacted first emergency responders and dispatched an EMTs to her home.

While keeping on the line with her, he comforted and encouraged her to stay calm as possible, knowing help is on its way to rescue her.

With that, Edith was saved from her life’s greatest trauma, thanks to these emergency rescuers that bring help anywhere, anytime.

Being involved in an accident whether small or big is traumatic, but worries can be mitigated through a reliable medical alert service that’s always there tending to your needs.

Edith and her family were thankful for the immediate action in the occurrence of emergency. And that is important for us.

Experiencing even a slightest accident in your home is no joke.

What might follow are some consequences that could affect your health, especially if you’re a senior.

As for Edith who is a fall risk, it’s better to take safety precautions around the house and better keep a reliable medical alert pendant that can help her reach out to someone who can give her immediate medical attention when it’s needed the most.

A fall accident is never a new scenario but too threatening to fall risk seniors just like Edith. And like her who wants to enjoy true independence, it’s better to be protected anytime, anywhere. Good thing with LifeRun, you will never be alone when there’s an emergency.

The Customer LifeRun Recommendation

We may think medical alert devices are only for fall protection, but it can be used in a lot of circumstances like seizure, fire, smoke, respiratory issues, and bulgary.

To ensure you’re always safe all-around and have someone tending to you when emergency strikes, LifeRun medical alert system will always be there by your side for your safety!