Medical Alert Systems Comparison (Liferun and LifeAlert)

Medical Alert Systems Comparison - Liferun and LifeAlert

Because we believe that every senior should not be bombarded with a vast number of medical alert systems nowadays, we present the simplest way to enjoy the care they truly deserve.

We understand that safety is a right of every person and so, we see to it that we can provide peace of mind and protection by offering medical alert systems to seniors and their concerned families at affordable price! See how our medical alert product prices differ from one of the oldest in industry like Life Alert and see how LifeRun can offer you the BEST!

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LifeRun Life Alert
Installation/ Activation Set-Up Fees No $95
Monthly Payments $24.95 $29.95
Service Agreement Term



(Can cancel anytime)

Minimum of three years
Shipping Charges Free Part of set-up
UL Certified Equipment Yes No

[Product can be worn as a pendant or wristband]

Yes Yes
Consistent Care

[Stays in contact until emergency is over]

Yes Yes
Information Posted Online

[This includes pricing terms and conditions]

Yes Limited

[You can talk and listen through the pendant]

Included Not Included
Product Range

[Range of protection that the device can cover up]

600 ft. 150 ft.

About LifeRun Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems Comparison - Liferun and LifeAlertLifeRun, LLC medical alert systems has earned recommendations and trusts from doctors, seniors, and concerned family members. It has been providing care and protection for seniors for almost a couple of years. LifeRun now has approximately a hundred senior subscribers and has never failed to meet all their safety requirements. Our UL – accredited emergency monitoring center makes the quickest response time to ensure maximum safety to seniors and bring peace of mind to concerned family members. Peace of mind is at hand at all times.

Here are some of the reasons why LifeRun medical alert system leads the market:

  • No activation/installation charges
  • No cancellation charges
  • Free shipping
  • No service contract agreement
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Friendly and interactive professional agents
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Can talk and listen through the button
  • Affordable Monthly Fee
  • Has passed the BBB Accreditation Standards
  • UL accredited monitoring center

To get the protection you need, give us a call at 800-421-3366 to get the latest of our unique medical alert assessment.

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