LifeRun and Life Alert: See The BEST For Yourself!

LifeRun and Life Alert - See The BEST For Yourself

LifeRun and Life Alert are two Medical Alert companies that offer peace of mind for seniors that live at home alone.

We can’t avoid getting older. It’s inevitable.

LifeRun and Life Alert - See The BEST For YourselfSeniors are more prone to accidental falls due to weakened bones and muscles or sudden slips. And these common accidents usually lead to normal or severe injuries, sudden heart attacks – and even accidental death.

According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), one in every three Americans over age 65 have a falling accident each year. It can be a leading cause of injury or even death. The thought of such a fall can cause anxiety for a senior who faces daily life on their own.

Innovations for Senior Medical Assistance

Many seniors although aging also benefit from the ample experience they have to make sound decisions during the various phases of their life. They want to keep themselves Safe and independent.

Medical alert systems are devices specifically designed for senior safety and welfare.

Basically, two National Companies that provide these Medical Alerts are LifeRun and Life Alert.

Differences between Life Alert and LifeRun

Both these national companies offer Medical Alert coverage but with different qualities.

LifeRun Medical Alert system ensures seniors safety and immediate assistance through the use of a two-way wireless button which can be worn as a pendant, a wristband or a belt clip.

As you push the button, you are able to speak directly into the pendant allowing you to speak to the operator no matter what part of the house or yard you are in. No need to get near a console box or yell from afar. The speaker is right with you! So getting just what you need for immediate help or Emergency assistance is so easy and reliable.

  • Avoid False alarms.
  • Get just the person you need.
  • For a little help or the EMS for medical assistance.

With LifeRun you are in Charge. And it works outside the house too! Really helpful if you locked yourself out of the house and aren’t hurt.

Just press the button, and our Operator will call a neighbor with the key. LifeRun can get help for any situation.

On the other hand, medical alerts like Life Alert offer similar service, but without the two way speaking pendant and at a greater cost.

LifeRun also has no fees for equipment, delivery or activation

A big difference could also be seen when it comes to monthly fees. LifeRun Monthly fees are as low as $24.95 and there is no long term contract.

Beyond great service and a terrific price, LifeRun also affords you the total peace of mind that our Talking button provides.

  • No Worry about false alarms.
  • If you press it by mistake, even outside in the yard, you can just speak to the operator right through the pendant and let them know you are OK.
  • No upsetting unnecessary visits from the ambulance, police or Fire Department.

LifeRun offers you great assurance when it comes to quality kind of service and assistance. It has its battery back-up system if your Power Fails. Any maintenance issues or warnings are spoken out loud in Plain English….no beeps and buzzing, or lights flashing that you don’t understand. If the unit has come unplugged from the wall, it says just that. If your battery needs recharging, it tells you that also. So you can be confident and relaxed about our reliable easy to use service.

If you are looking for a remarkable, yet extremely affordable Medical Alert…. then go for LifeRun.

Have the chance to live independently and happily. With LifeRun, you can go anywhere at ease with total peace of mind.