Life Alert and LifeRun: Preserving Seniors’ Lives

Life Alert and LifeRun - Preserving Seniors Lives

Saving Lives Every Day

Medical alerts are devices that provide a higher sense of safety and protection by being there when you need help. Although they have been around since the 1970’s, innovations have evolved within this industry to allow anyone alone to get help if they need it.

Life Alert and LifeRun - Preserving Seniors LivesMedical alerts like Life Alert and LifeRun have paved the way for senior citizens to live confidently and independently in their own homes. The security they need and dream about is right at the tip of their fingers!

Just press a button and get the assistance you need. They allow family members peace of mind.

Life Alert has gained popularity for years with its campaign ad…

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

From the line itself, you can already visualize the common scenario that seniors encounter, and Life Alert addresses this with an immediate medical dispatch.

But there are other circumstances that a medical dispatch may not address.

Liferun Medical Alert with its innovative two way SPEAKING button frees the senior or anyone else that is alone. Just press the button, and speak directly to our friendly operator and to let us know exactly what you need.

No need to be tethered to a console box within the house.

Not a problem if you have locked yourself out of your home, or fallen behind a closed bathroom door.

No issues if you have Cable provided phone service and your modem is at the other end of your house.

We are always right there with you. And you are in charge.

For a little situation, medical issue, home invasion or house fire, LifeRun is there to keep you safe.

Your Top One Choice Service

When it comes to total protection and safety at home, get the service that you need. Among all medical alert systems already old in the industry (e.g Life Alert), LifeRun provides the most professional, immediate assistance in any situation. Our Two Way Speaking Button is easy to wear and allows you to be confident in daily life.

LifeRun is a step above the average medical alert in full service, and costs less! Who wouldn’t want better value for less money? We make it easy. Visit our website and take charge of your life!