Life Alert And LifeRun: Levels of Services Provided

Life Alert And LifeRun - Levels of Services Provided

Everyone likes to feel safe and secure. As we age, we are more and more prone to different kinds of risks. Seniors can easily fall victim to sudden slips and falls which may lead to injury or even death.

Life Alert And LifeRun - Levels of Services ProvidedThis safety anxiety can make a senior feel uncomfortable or overtly cautious in their daily routine. Walking about the house, bathing, enjoying their garden, or just taking out the trash or getting the mail can become daunting. Often these fears stifle or hinder their ability to go on living a normal happy quality of life in their own home.

Safety is Now Available

Total security and life confidence have often been a dream to most seniors. Fearing the dreaded move out of their cherished homes to some unknown, unfamiliar surroundings, they try their best to put up a “good front” for as long as possible.

They know that should something happen, and they were alone they would most likely be moved to a nursing home, or within a family members household immediately after it was resolved. They would have to give up their place and their independence.

But today, a high level of innovative assistance is made possible by a medical alert system evolution. Systems like Life Alert and LifeRun offer help at the touch of a button. Life Alert, one of the founding companies to offer Medical Alert assistance use the same technology they have used for the 24 years they have been in business.

Press a button on a small transmitter and it activates a console box that is plugged in somewhere in your home. Their Representative speaks to you through that console box and you get immediate medical assistance.

On the other hand, LifeRun is a newer Medical Alert Company that is introducing an even higher quality senior service, by offering the innovative Two Way Speaking Button. Just press the button you wear and the operator speaks to you right through the button wherever you may be in your home or yard.

You never have to get near to a console box to hear our friendly operator. No need to yell from another room to let us know exactly what you need, so we may send the correct response for you.

We are right there with you. And you are in charge. Maybe you just locked yourself out of the house. We’ve all done it. But with LifeRun you just need to press the button and ask the operator to call your neighbor with the key. Or maybe you went out in the garden and had a slight fall in the backyard. You could ask for your daughter to come help you get up and inside out of the elements. No False alarms or unnecessary and embarrassing ambulance dispatches to your home

Of course if you can’t speak, or are in need of medical assistance, we dispatch EMS immediately and stay on with you until help gets there.

Such a comfort to know that you have a friendly service with you always.

Safety and security become the ultimate luxury…but LifeRun Medical Alert is so cost effective. Much less that the other competitors AND with a Two Way speaking button. Better value for less money…who wouldn’t want that?

Protection Range

Life Alert, though considered as the first one to introduce the concept of senior assistance, offers a 150 ft performance range of pendant to console.

LifeRun’s extended range of protection will cover up to 600 feet in any direction. And the pendant that you wear allows you to speak to our friendly operator right through its speaker. This is to assure your total safety and security even outside of your home.

LifeRun grants every senior’s wish to live confidently and independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Medical Alert System Products

Life Alert offers their classic medical alert system with the console and transmitting button. Other options include a smoke detector for an additional premium.

LifeRun, on the other hand, has its two-way Speaking button that can be worn as a necklace pendant, wristband or belt clip. All options are included for ease of use in varied situations. Battery back-up and remote phone call answering are available with both companies.

Liferun is available at $24.95 per month with no long term contract or agreement.

LifeRun also guarantees no price increases for the Lifetime that you use it. There are no fees for equipment, delivery or set up.

Working Agents

Interactive agents are needed to readily respond to your immediate needs and calls for help. These agents should prioritize your safety firsthand. Life Alert and LifeRun both have UL certified monitoring centers where agents or representatives are trained to keep in contact until the situation is resolved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At LifeRun these care agents are able to speak with you directly through the button EVERY TIME. We follow your request or review your specific care plan to see to it that your wishes are followed. At LifeRun our customer’s security and safety is our Top Priority.

Check out our website now and see the kind of service that you only experience in LifeRun Medical Alert System.