If you compare LifeRun to any of the major medical alert systems in the market, such as Life Alert®, it is simple to see why our product is best in the industry.

Standard Activation Fee $0 $95
Monthly Fee $24.95 $29.95
Length of Agreement Zero 3 years
Shipping Free Part of set-up
Pricing on terms Posted online Not posted
You can speak and listen through the pendant Included Not included

LifeRun is the new, innovative technology that is making headway in the senior assistance field. With the push of a button, LifeRun allows you to instantly connect to a representative who will listen to your needs, regardless of how big or small they are. All you have to do is push the button on the pendant and listen as immediate assistance is right there to help, it’s as simple as that. LifeRun will stay on the phone with you until help arrives, or until your needs are met.

Medical Alert System At Its Best

Unlike other brands such as Life Alert®, the associates of LifeRun will not automatically dispatch an ambulance to your home.

  • ✓ This will cut down on insurance costs, as well as save you the embarrassment of constantly having an ambulance come to your home.
  • ✓ There are no hidden costs with our service.
  • ✓ No contract that you have to worry about breaking.

Other brands will promise you excellent service without thoroughly explaining all costs that are included.

With LifeRun, there are no hidden costs,

no fine print that can be overlooked.

  • ✓ We promise an excellent, easy to use medical alert system at a great price, and we deliver on our promise.
  • ✓ We will send you the device, how and when you choose to use it, is up to you.

Unlike other companies such as Life Alert®, our monthly fee is only $24.95 with an annual payment; no activation fee. Our shipping is free.

We do not charge you for going over your talk time, rather, we give you unlimited talk time. If you happen to lose power in your home and you are worried that your LifeRun will not be operable, there is no need to fear. LifeRun will give you a battery backup system, good for 24 hours.

Our two-way voice pendant will also cover up to 5 acres of a set area. And now with LifeRun Mobile, you can take our small, light-weight pendant with you anywhere you go. Whether you are shopping, golfing or on the road, LifeRun is there for you whenever, wherever.

Our small, two-way pendant can be worn around your neck or wrist. With our small, easy to use talk-and-listen pendant, assistance is there for you whenever you need.

Why go anywhere else?

With LifeRun, we offer safety, security and a voice listening to your needs anytime. All at a great price.

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